Hello, Lemons. Meet Lemonade…

Here is how I work. I do something. There’s a problem. I get pissed. I sulk. I put my brain (I had a CAT scan – I have proof it’s there. I took home photos) to work on it. I fix it.

So today, my seam ripper and I had a grand old time. I pulled the drape off the dress, and I cut a new drape. Tatiana wanted a cowl drape that wrapped around the back to become a halter. The problem with the Lycra is that it doesn’t drape properly. It’s too heavy; it drapes into semi-stiff folds rather than soft curves. So I replaced it with a drape made from a rectangular-sort-of-thingie of the turquoise mesh. I sewed that into the collar (and thank you Emilie for sending the suggestion!). I gathered the front so it drapes beautifully and I left the back relatively plain. I brought it to Tatiana tonight, and she saw me walk in with it, stopped her dance lesson and ran over to ooh and ahh over it and give me a big hug! I hope she loves it as much on her as on the hanger. I also made two arm bands for her from the sequined fabric that she can wear on her biceps to kind of pull it together a little bit. I promise I’ll get pictures this weekend.

In a perfect world, I would sprinkle some sequins on the drape. But this isn’t a perfect world. Because tomorrow, rather than gluing sequins on the drape, I’m going to New York to go to…

Wait for it…

Fashion Week!!!!!!

Oh. My. Gawd! How excited am I? I’m meeting up with my darling Emmett and my darlings TLo and we are going to the Tents! Be still my beating heart! That’s why I got the new camera lens. I promise to post pictures!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! There’s something big coming. First thing tomorrow. I can’t give too much away (2 years!), but fill your shopping bags, watch your email and this site and….

Happy sewing!

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