So Far…

The main construction of the skirt is done. I need to take it up to the studio and finish the waistband with the Beast (my coverstitch). The lack of transition between the sequins and the lycra is jarring to me, and I’ve asked Sewing Diva Phyllis for her suggestions on embellishments to ease that transition. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll take some of the sequins off scraps of the fabric and glue them on in a sort of cascading effect. We’ll see. Tonight, I’m working on re-covering the bra. I’m going to change the back strap of the bra, too, to make it all flesh toned, I think.

My biggest worry is that I don’t want the dress to look stupid. I’m operating way out of my comfort zone with this kind of design and embellishment. At a competition I watched last spring, I was horrified at some of the dresses on the dance floor. I really want this to look good, and it’s so easy to step over the (very thin) line from looking good to looking tacky. I also want to see if I can convince Tatiana to go with the mesh for the drape, instead of the original solid blue lycra. I think that will soften up the whole look.

Well, tomorrow will tell. I’m going to try to have the bra and drape finished so she can do a preliminary fitting on Friday. Fingers crossed!

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