Something to Show

Damn this thing is a bear to photograph! I wish you could see the reflective properties of the velvet.

All that’s left on the dress is to hem it, finish the collar and add the finger thingy on the sleeve. I really think I want to add some embellishment to the collar and the waistline as well. Maybe some sort of jeweled embellishment or a belt of some sort. It needs it.
When I attached the collar, the lining kept rolling to the outside. I tried understitching the lining, but it turns out that simply topstitching close to the edge is more effective.

Here’s a picture of the back with the keyhole. This is one of those dresses that looks spectacular on, but has next to no hanger appeal. Pity. I’ll get some pictures of Tatiana in the dress. And once it’s finished tomorrow I’ll do a full review.

Happy sewing!

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