Oh boy, did I have fun in New York! Alas, Emmett wasn’t able to meet me for our usual Chocolate Malteds at the diner on 38th, but the day was incredibly productive. So I am back, and I have Tatiana’s fitting leotard done. She couldn’t come by today for a fitting, but she will tomorrow. I have to draft the skirt pattern, but that won’t take any time once I have the fitting done.

I decided to upgrade my camera lens. I had the standard Canon 18-55 lens that came with the camera. It has worked beautifully for me for the last year-plus. But I will need more zoom capabilities, so I decided to get a new lens. I can’t tell you why I need it, yet, but trust me, it will be fun! 3 weeks and then I can spill the beans. In the meantime, it’s an amazing lens! I don’t get too geekazoidal about these things, but this impressed me. I’m sure Adrienne could give you a good explanation of the pros and cons of this lens. I’ll have to ask her to comment. But in the meantime, here are a couple of pictures taken in closeup mode.

DS the Younger

Hoover lying under the desk at my feet

I’ll post pictures of Tatiana’s dress and leotard tomorrow.

Happy sewing!

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