Stupid Criminal Tricks, Part Deux

From today’s Boston Globe:
“Law enforcement officials say a safe deposit box they searched today at an Eastern Bank branch in Saugus held a glittering, ill-gotten treasure: 27 New York Giants Super Bowl rings, valued at more than $170,000, that were allegedly stolen in June from an Attleboro jewelry company.”

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Now, you may recall that I was chuckling last year at the Theft of the Giants’ Superbowl Rings. I apologize for being less than gracious, especially since I actually kind of like the Giants (when the Pats aren’t playing them, anyway). But the irony was incredibly thick, right?

Well, speaking of thick, Can you believe those thieves? I want to find out what tipped the police off to them. I’m sure it was something pretty boneheaded. After all, if you want to steal and fence something, the LAST thing you want to steal and fence is a full set of Superbowl Champion Rings.

Not like I know from personal experience…

Back to sewing for a moment – I got Tatiana’s measurements today. No wonder the latin dress was so big. She’s lost two inches off her waist since I started it! Remind me to do more dancing. So I’ll be starting on the ballroom dress tomorrow during the massive blizzard they are forecasting for the Boston area. I am so done with winter. Stick a fork in me, I’m done!

Happy sewing!

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