There’s a Reason I Married that Man!

Well, maybe more than one, but I have to give a big shout-out to my DH for doing some wonderful editing on my blog to make it more user friendly. It’s been driving me crazy that the columns on the standard Blogger template are so stupidly laid out. So last night, after dinner, I asked him if he would be so kind and help me with editing my template. I know enough to be really dangerous with these things, so every time I would make a change that worked, I would make three that would bust the whole thing. But he sat down and, two hours later, voila! A column format that doesn’t chop off my pictures and that is easier to read. Blogger really does some stupid things though. Even after changing column widths, it would put a vertical line down the middle of the main column. For anyone who has this problem (I see it on The Great Coat Sewalong), it’s because Blogger hard codes an image in there that you have to get rid of, even after you change the column widths. It kind of flies in the face of my “Brute force is a wonderful methodology” philosophy of programming. In this case, I wish it wasn’t quite so brutish.

Anyway, now I get a more useful format. Thanks hon!

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