Answers to a Couple of Questions

I just want to answer a couple of questions about the McCalls skirt. Nikki asked how I press open the seam after the allowances have been serged shut. My bad, and thanks for pointing that out, Nikki! First I sew the the seam on the straight stitch machine, then I serge each raw edge of the seam separately, so the seam allowance can be pressed open. Is that more clear?

Phyllis and LindsayT each asked about how the boned waistband holds up during a day of sitting, bending and generally living. The short answer is perfectly fine. Adding the boning to the side seams keeps the waistband from collapsing forward as a high waist is wont to do. I talked through the process with Phyllis on the phone today and we both agreed that putting the Rigilene in the side seams is probably enough. You don’t really need boning in the back, because when you sit or bend, you (or at least I) bend forward. I also would avoid boning the darts in front. Putting boning there would mean that when you sit you would risk sticking yourself in sensitive areas, if you get my drift. I wore the skirt all day yesterday and it looked pretty much as crisp at the end of the day as when I put it on. And it was very comfortable.

Oh! And lest I forget, for Carolyn, the shoes are Anne Klein. I bought them at DSW with Phyllis a couple of years ago. I can’t wear them a whole lot, though – 3 1/2 inch heels, don’t you know. They make the legs look fabulous, but they make the tootsies hurt. I can’t understand how people wear 5 inch heels.

Happy sewing!

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