Silk Jerseys, Babies!

I wasn’t able to work on my denim skirt today. Hopefully I’ll get work done on it over the weekend. The reason was because I got a big shipment of silks in at Gorgeous Fabrics. And you know what was in that shipment???

Silk Jerseys! Aaaah! I’m so excited! I want to roll in them. But I won’t. I’ll leave that for my customers. But go check them out. I got a bunch of different colors. DH is scanning them as I type, and then we have to go out. Some are very limited quantities. One of my favorites, the aubergine, only has 4 yards on the bolt. I had to physically restrain myself from bringing it home with me. These are gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous!

So check out the New page and also don’t forget the Sale is going on through this weekend.

Happy sewing!

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