Stupid Pattern Conventions

I’m in project hold right now. My Jalie’s have shipped, but they take time to get here through customs. So to while away the time, I decided to make a denim skirt. It’s time to start up on the transition wardrobe. This one looks very cute. It’s McCalls 5590, a pegged, somewhat high waisted skirt.
I’m making View A, the short one, from stretch denim. I was cutting the pattern today and I noticed something that always bothers me. You know the dots that mark the darts? They are never in the logical places, have you noticed that? Okay, they are in one logical place: the endpoint of the dart. But other than that, they seem to be randomly distributed. Here’s an example. I placed the pattern piece on my cutting mat. The dart is one inch wide at the waist, and three inches down, it starts a straight line taper to the point. But where are the marking dots? Not at the beginning of the taper. They are about 3/4 of an inch down.
Okay, I know – you’re supposed to mark the entire dart, either thread traced or with chalk. I do that with couture garments, but the placement of those dots still bothers me. It’s just not logical, Mister Spock. Especially with darts whose legs are straight lines, doesn’t it make more sense to have them at the points where the angle of the lines changes? Or maybe that’s just the math major in me. Here’s the curved dart on the back of the skirt:
Again, the dot placement doesn’t make sense. There are dots at the seamline. Okay, I get that, though I don’t usually use them. I make snips at the edge of the seam allowance and go from there. But this dart curves out, and there are no dots at the fullest part of the curve. I find that very annoying. It seems to be a Big 4 “thing’, but maybe other pattern companies do it. Me? I say to heck with the pattern’s markings and put my tailor tacks where they make the most sense for my purposes. It’s a minor nit, perhaps, but it’s another one of those annoyances that might make life for a beginner harder, and it’s something that is so easy to remedy.

Anyway, back to it tomorrow. Happy sewing!

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