This Bag is Really Starting to P*ss Me Off…

I’m at a point where I’m going to put the bag down and step away from it. Let me say this up front. I love HotPatterns. I also know what an unmitigated b*tch writing instructions can be. But I can not make sense of this zipper/lining assembly to save my life. So I’m going to step away from the sewing room for a few hours, have a glass of wine or three and go back to it in the morning. Part of the problem is that the illustrations are not helpful.

I’m not ready to punt. This is close, but it’s very frustrating. Once I do figure it out, I’ll take pictures so you can see what I do.

Update on Christmas Eve
I didn’t even need the glass of wine. As soon as I finished typing this original post, I had figured it out in my head. I am all done except for the snaps, which I’ll put on after I mail out all the international and Alaska (hi Dawn!) orders at Gorgeous Fabrics. Someone asked why I didn’t call HotPatterns and ask them how to fix it. The reason was two-fold. First, the problem wasn’t theirs. It was mine. The instructions explained how to do it, I just could not visualize the process. Second, I’m one stubborn Irish chick, and goshdarnitall, I was going to figure this little bugger out myself! There was one other factor that made it difficult and that was the fact that I was using a self fabric lining. I think if I had used a different lining fabric, I might have seen how to do it sooner. Anyway, I will review it later today.

BTW, I did have wine. Two glasses, not three!

Happy sewing!

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