But First, a Test Run

Before I go any further, Congratulations Patriots! Sorry Cards, I like you, but this was a must-win. Now, go Seahawks!!!

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming. I started working on my HotPatterns clutch. I think it is going to be fabulous. But there is one little snafu. I don’t have enough of the printed leather to make it as the pattern is printed. I’m going to do some creative piecing of the print and plain leathers, but before I do, I want to understand fully how this is all put together. To do that, I’m going to do a test run. This will be an as-printed version of the bag made from this reversible zebra print cotton from Gorgeous Fabrics:

I’ve got everything cut out, and I have interfaced all the main pieces. I’m using the reverse for the lining. The interfacing is Pro-Tailor (the same I used for my Michelle Obama Coat) from Sew Exciting. I’ll try to get much of the construction done tonight and see what modifications I need to make to work the pattern and leather to my satisfaction. Stay tuned!

Oh, BTW, if the test run turns out well, it will be a Christmas gift for my BFF.

Happy sewing!

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