It Never Rains but It Pours

First, things first – singing! Tomorrow night is the annual Christmas concert at my church. It’s a great program of music, and the St. Malachy choir will be performing with the Bay Colony Brass (a 20 piece ensemble) and the Merrimack Valley Bell Ringers (not sure how many, at least 15). It’s a great time, and it’s free and open to the public. It starts at 7:30 – get there by 7 to get parking. I promise you’ll enjoy the show. I’ll be doing a solo: Maria Wiegenlied. It’s all taking place at St. Malachy Parish (aka “Our Lady of the Parabolas”), 99 Bedford St. Burlington

Next up, the coat is done except for the buttons. I may get too impatient and go to the local knitting store to find some fantastic buttons tomorrow. I’d like to wear it tomorrow night. What a sharp looking pattern!

Finally, the title. Some of you heard we got some wild ass weather here in the Boston area yesterday and today. I live on the North Shore, but I am far enough south and east to have missed the big ice storm. Thank you to my friends who have called and emailed to see how we’re doing. We only got rain – lots and lots of rain. Actually, for us, the worst part was Tuesday night, as the storm was starting to move in. We got a huge wind storm to start this whole mess. And on Wednesday morning, this is what we woke up to:
An 80-foot oak tree demolished our shed. Sigh… The tree guys came out. Of course, they can never come out and take down just one tree. 5 trees and a whole lot of money later, our back yard is pretty much denuded. Hoover is bereft.

Tomorrow I’ll try to finish the coat and post a review. Until then,
Happy sewing!

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