Chin Up, Dolls!

Time to buck up, suck it up, and get back to the sewing studio! I was so busy last week with recovering from the sale and being shorthanded…

If I may digress for one moment, for everyone who ordered during the sale, all the orders have shipped, and if they aren’t in your hands yet, they will be this week. I’m way behind on ship notifications (I have to find a way to automate ship notices), but the first priority is shipping things out, and that was done by Tuesday.

Now, back on topic. Because we were so busy last week, I didn’t get to finish my coat (and therefore didn’t get to drop it at Jonathan, drat). So today I’m going to spend the afternoon finishing the construction. I think I’ll do hand-worked button holes on it. I was heading to M&J Trims on Friday when DH called with the news about his (non) job, and I got so upset by the whole thing that I didn’t make it there. Fortunately, I guess, the sight of a woman on the corner of 39th and 7th screaming into her cell phone, “Tell them you have a signed offer letter, dammit, and they need to make it worth your while to go away quietly!” is not all that uncommon in New York these days.

I digressed again, didn’t I?

Seriously, back on topic. Since I didn’t make it to M&J, I think I’ll just suck it up and order some fabulous buttons from them online. I may try to run into Windsor Button Shop in Boston tomorrow during lunch, but if not, I’ll just order from M&J. Also, I’ve never done a hand-worked button hole. I realized that today, and decided that there is no time like the present. I also stopped at Sil Thread on Friday Morning and among other things, picked up packages of pre-waxed thread in all the colors they had. I’ll start making samples on scraps of my cashmere to try to perfect the stitching while I wait for the buttons.

Here’s an interesting note about that coat. I spent much of Friday afternoon with Emmett. He did a run of empire-waist coats similar in styling to mine. He can’t keep them in stock this season. That look is very popular. He doesn’t have them on his website (Oh, Emmett!) but he does have them in his store, so for anyone who’s planning to go to his bash on Thursday, you can buy one from him.

So I’ll hopefully finish the bulk of the work on the coat today. I’ll keep tabs on my progress and post some pictures. You have got to see the lining I’m using!

Happy sewing!

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