Where It Stands….

I did the first incarnation of Tatiana’s dress. Can I tell you something? I hated it! Seriously. It just looked tacky. I hated everything about it. The colors, the contrast of the sequined fabric against the lycra, everything. She came over and gave one of those “how do I tell her it looks heinous without hurting her feelings?” looks at the dress on the form.


Drop back and punt. I punted the silver holographic sequins in favor of turquoise holographic sequins. It sounds tacky, but it’s much better looking, believe me. I’m still not convinced of the whole thing, but dammit, I’m going to come up with something if it kills me. I’m going to do a bloused overlay, and I’m debating whether to make that from the lycra. Damn, why didn’t I buy turquoise tricot when I was in New York? That would be perfect. I’m going to be kicking myself over this one for the next several weeks.

Well, enough navel gazing. I have to run out to the store to see if I can find a sheer fabric that will work for the drape, and get more elastic. I’ll post pictures later. Ciao for now!

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