Camera Settings – Aauurrrgghhhh!

I love my sons. You know that already. I also am rather fond of my digital SLR. And, I’m a big fan of morning coffee, preferably two cups before I actually try to do anything.


What happens when you combine One Youngest Son’s dance competition with a Digital SLR and no coffee at 7:30 in the morning? Let me tell you what happens. Bad pictures. That’s what happens.

DS the Younger had a dance competition today. It was the Commonwealth Classic. His group was the first one up this morning, dancing International Latin at 8:00. We arrived in Lowell at 7:30. 7:30 on a Sunday morning is usually about the time I begin contemplating hauling my sorry carcass out of bed. But not today. Today I was fully dressed (in my BWOF dress, which has actually turned into a surprise favorite), made up and coiffed. As I said, we arrived in Lowell at 7:30. DS the Younger and Tatiana, his teacher, warmed up and got ready to go. At exactly 8:00 they called the judges and dancers to the floor and started the competition.

I was taking pictures, and I snapped and snapped. I got pictures of DS as well as all the other teachers and students from the studio. I was really on a roll, until I handed the camera to DS, who said, “Mom, these are all blurry!” Cue the Homer Simpson “Doh!” Sure enough, I had the camera on the slow exposure setting. I think I took something like 200 pictures, of which almost none were usable. I put the camera on automatic for the Smooth portion, but I’m heartsick that I didn’t get many good ones of the Latin, since he was so damned cute! But here are a few that I did manage to get.

Dancing the Cha Cha

Begin the Beguine Waltz

Collecting Ribbons

With Tatiana and Mark, owner of Studio 665

There will be no snarking over costumes from this competition. Not because I’ve taken nice pills or anything. There just weren’t any egregious fashion don’ts this time. From a fashion standpoint, I noticed a few trends: fringe is making a very big comeback. I saw lots of chainette, as well as fringe made from bias tubes and beads. Feathers also seem to be making a resurgence. There were a lot of Monokini-looking Latin dresses: cut out on the sides of the torso. And bedazzled bras are big.

Another competition is down, and I got to study some ballroom and Latin dance dresses up close and personal, so I got better insight into what I will be building for Tatiana. It should be interesting, and tomorrow I think I’ll start draping.

Happy sewing!

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