My My My, How Time Flies!

Photo: Museum of Art & Design

Goodness, it’s already Thursday. Where has the week gone? I don’t know about you, but I find that the first two months of the school year are crazy with a capital CRAZY. In my town, school starts the Wednesday before Labor Day. And here is one thing that drives me crazy: Staff Development Days. These are days during the week when the kids are off school so the teachers can have meetings and training and such. On the surface, it’s a good idea. But we had one this past Monday. The kids haven’t been in school for 5 weeks yet and we’re having a staff development day? WTF??? Couldn’t they have just added a day to summer vacation?

But, wanting to make lemonade from that sack of lemons, DH and I decided to take the boys and head to New York on Sunday. Last week I was in New York and I wanted to spend 2 days there to get business done. Unfortunately, there was not a room to be had in New York City for under $800 last week, thanks in large part to the opening of the UN session. Bush, Palin, and a boatload of heads of state and their entourages were there. What a difference four days makes! We were able to get a great hotel room for a great rate. So we headed off.

Before we left, we heard that the new Museum of Art and Design was holding their grand opening. MAD is located at 2 Columbus Circle, and it is chock full of arts and crafts from American artists. There is furniture, jewelry, and all sorts of stuff. My personal favorite piece was a portrait of garment workers made from clothing labels. It was very cool! DS the youngest was a blast to be with: “Mom! Come and see this!” “Dad, you gotta come over here and see this!” Both the kids love museums, and this is a particularly fun trip for families.

While we were waiting in line to get into the museum, they had some performance artists in some, um, organic balloon outfits outside. DH got a picture, but he hasn’t sent it to me yet. I’ll try to put it up later. Let’s just say that I never imagined balloons could be so, well, arty! After we went to the museum, we had dinner with DH’s cousin and her son. It was a lovely day.

Sunday was rather dreary. Hurricane Kyle was going by, but Monday was simply spectacular. I got to do a bunch of work (the fruits of which are on the What’s New page at Gorgeous Fabrics. Monday was also a rather subdued day in New York. I can imagine that it may have had something to do with the Wall Street/Washington machinations. While I was meeting with vendors, DH took the boys to Toys R Us, the M&M’s and Hershey’s stores, and ESPN Sports Zone’s arcade. A good time was had by all.

This week’s project is a pair of pants made with this fabulous new Rayon Stretch Sateen:
It’s in keeping with the whole purple theme I have going this fall. I haven’t made up my mind which pattern to use yet. I’ll let you know.

As a parting shot, here’s a picture of me and the boys on Central Park South. It was after we went to MAD, and it was late in the day, we were all tired and it was slightly drizzly, but we had a great time!

Happy sewing!

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