They’re Writing Songs of Love, but not for Me….

That’s how I feel about this Burda World of Fashion dress. So here’s the story. I went back and forth. The dress in its Burda incarnation looks spectacular, right? (That’s it up at the top here). So I figured I would make it. Then I got a note from my friend Camille, who made the dress and whose work and taste are impeccable. She cautioned that it was so low cut as to be unwearable, and that it just had an unflattering side view. Then I got a directly conflicting email from Christina, whose work and taste level are also impeccable, saying that it looks fantastic and that it’s not too low cut. So after sleeping on it and flipping a coin, I went to work on it.

Changes I made to the pattern:
I drafted 3/4 length sleeves. It’s a better look and length for Boston this time of year. I also did a FBA. Both changes worked well and fit great. No problems. I also shortened it by about 12 inches. All was good so far. And then….

Holy Crap, Batman!

You may not be able to tell precisely where that neckline falls on Sharona, but trust me – it was at the bottom of my bra band. I will admit there are times when I like a little cleavage, but this dress gave waaaay more than a little cleavage. I debated the options. I could put in a self-fabric modesty panel, but that looked like the dickeys’ we used to have to wear as part of my high school uniform. No, that was not going to work.

I had some extra fabric left over from my Tricot shrug, so I cut a couple of strips and applied them to the bodice, much like a Fichu. That worked well and didn’t look as much like an afterthought.

Once the fichu was in place, I figured I was good to go, so I tried on the dress. True to Camille’s warnings, the dress looks decent from the front. It’s actually a bit too sacque-like and would benefit from two back darts, but that’s for a later incarnation not going to happen. And here is why. Look at it from the side.

This makes my size 6 Wolf dress form look like she’s trying to hide a pregnancy bump. I already did that – twice. Thanks, but no thanks. This one is going into the Goodwill box.

On other, happier notes, the Stitch ‘n B*tch on Saturday was a total blast. It was so wonderful to meet 3 new S&B-ers! We sewed and had fun, and I can’t wait for the next one! That will be in October, but I don’t have the date yet. I do have the date for a really exciting event, though!

Emmett is Going to Speak at ASDP!
That’s right. Emmett McCarthy, my BFAM, is going to speak at the ASDP meeting on Saturday, October 25th at 1:00. Details to follow, but he is going to talk about his experiences, put on a trunk show and (drum roll please…) hold a Sample Sale!!!. So mark your calendars for the 25th of October. I’ll post the specifics here. You will need to RSVP.

Ooops, Dancing With the Stars is on. Ciao for now!

Happy sewing!

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