Go D! And a Slight Diversion

We’re watching the Patriots game against the Jets. It’s great to see the defense starting to step back up. At the risk of sounding like a heretic, I was getting tired of the Tommy B. Show that all the Pats games have become. Love Moss, love Welker, love the whole team, and I do hope they can prove that it’s a team effort, not a rock star solo show. Cassel may not be burning up the boards, but in 2001 when Bledsoe went out, neither did Brady.

Anyway, I’m going to start on the dress tomorrow. Today I made lined curtains for DS the elder’s room:
I still have to steam them to get the wrinkles out. I tried to put plastic grommets in the top but they wouldn’t penetrate the layers of fabric. So I think I’ll try another type – Wallies, maybe – tomorrow.

Happy sewing and go Pats!

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