The Verdict is In – Wrap Dress

I know – the Burda is all traced and ready to go – what am I, crazy? No, but I am leery of making something that I won’t wear. Here’s what happened. The comments seem evenly divided on the Vogue wrap vs Burda Muse-knockoff. Then I got this email from Camille:

A word of warning on that Burda dress pattern. Typical of Burda there is a serious cleavage factor. The long version works well because the weight of the fabric is enough hold down the excess fabric from the pleat in the front. I made a shorter version…. Major maternity look…ouch.

Ouch indeed! Major maternity is not what I am looking for at this point. I did it twice and that was plenty, thank you. And if you ever met Camille you would know that if it makes her look pregnant (Camille is tall and willowy), it will make me look like I’m a fireplug carrying triplets.

So I think I’ll go with the Vogue wrap. Fear not – I may make the long version of the Burda dress yet. I bought some fabulous fabric that is the same print as the Bold Boho Chic, but in a different colorway (no it will not be going up on Gorgeous Fabrics, sorry). I think that might make a fun dress.
On a completely different note (so to speak), tonight it’s back to choir practice, even though we are currently without a pastor, which totally stinks. It will be good to get back to singing with the group again. Since Father Lenny left, I keep getting paying gigs at other churches, so I haven’t been to my own very much this summer. We’re still going to do the big concerts at Christmas. I hope we have a permanent priest by then. Right now it feels like we’re the Island of Misfit Toys. No one wants us. Sniff
Oh well, enough of that. Off to do the adjustments to the Vogue.
Happy sewing!

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