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Today I’m going to lift myself out of mourning and sew. It’s great therapy. I’m going to make something easy, but with a twist (of course). I’ve cut out Jalie’s 2806. This time I’m making the ruched version rather than the foldover, and I’m making it from this amazing Double Cloth from Gorgeous Fabrics (of course). I love this fabric. It’s a lighter gray than it looks in the picture, and the gray is a very lightweight wool jersey. The reverse side is a rayon jersey. Can you say fabulous? I loved it so much I grabbed 3 yards before I even put it up on the site.

The twist is that I am going to make it reversible. It will be a casual, slightly deconstructed look when I get done with it. Perfect for weekends and hanging around wear. I’ll do a full tutorial, so stay tuned.

I’m still contemplating the Muse Inspired Dress. But I need your opinions. (Erica B, I’m specifically appealing to you, but everyone else is also heartily welcome to chime in.)

Here’s my question. I’m seeing a lot of this particular silhouette (foldover neckline, empire waist) in the stores this year, and I wonder if next year it will look so very “two seasons ago”? Thoughts? My alternative for the fabric is the Vogue Wrap Dress (V8379)

that Erica B did so beautifully. The appeal is that I believe it will span more seasons, and I won’t give it to Goodwill any time soon.

So what do you think? Which would you go for? Anyone? Anyone?

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