A One-Two Punch

Yesterday I posted about Bobbie Carr’s passing. Today is not any happier. I just got official confirmation that Fabric Place, the Boston area’s largest (until now) independent fabric retailer is ceasing operations.

I heard about this first 3 weeks ago. ASDP’s New England chapter, of which I am VP of Programs, is hosting Emmett McCarthy in October for our meeting. It will be open to the public – stay tuned for more information on it later. Anyway, I had worked with Fabric Place and we were going to hold the meeting in their classroom in the Framingham store. Then I got a call from the education coordinator that they were closing the education department immediately, so they would not be holding the seminar.

The next day, Valerie, one of my S&B denizens, sent me a note saying she had it on good authority that the whole operation is shutting down. I checked into it and got unofficial and anonymous confirmations, but no one was talking until yesterday. So yet another fabric store in Boston bites the dust. This one is especially poignant for me. My first experience with really good fabric was when my mother took me to Fabric Place to buy silk for a Ralph Lauren jabot necked blouse back in the eighties. I was thrilled and nervous (at how much I was spending) all at once. Fabric Place at one point was the largest independent fabric store in New England. They had stores in Framingham, Woburn, Randoph and Cromwell CT. By December they will be gone. It’s a very sad day and I will miss them.

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