Very Sad News for the Sewing Community

This came across my desk today. Roberta (Bobbie) Carr was the author of Couture: the Art of Fine Sewing.

I thought you might want to pass along to your respective groups the sad news that Bobbie Carr passed away about 12:15 PM, Tuesday, September 2.

She died at home as she wanted to, peacefully. She had courageously fought ovarian cancer with great gusto and, for those who knew her, she was “Bobbie” almost to the end. She knew how to live life and enjoy life as very few do — fine foods, fine wine, fine parties, fine friends – and of course, fine fabrics and the very finest of sewing techniques!

For those who might not have had the privilege of knowing Bobbie Carr, she to me very much resembled Julia Child in style as well as somewhat physically. She had that same kind of “presence” as Julia – or should I say Julia had the same kind of presence as Bobbie! 🙂

Bobbie was a fabulous teacher and author and presenter — I probably couldn’t name all the honors and recognition she’s received even if I knew them. She wrote the Palmer/Pletsch Couture book, taught Sew Weeks in her home (four glorious days of sewing all day and wining and dining all evening), ran her own fabric store, lectured, and loved and lived life the the fullest. I could go on and on — the stories are innumerable. It has been simply amazing to watch her the last couple of years as she mostly got the best of the cancer that finally took her. She would not allow any “depressing” talk about it — she was always forward-looking and planning her next big trip or her next get-together…..sometimes even from bed!

There aren’t many like Bobbie. She will be missed.

I took a seminar with Bobbie back in the 90s at Fabric Place (which rumor has it will be closing up shop in the next couple of weeks – stay tuned for more on that). She was an inspirational teacher, and she was as funny as could be. Her garments and samples were masterpieces of construction. She was a marvelous author, a wonderful teacher, and a great lady.

She will indeed be missed.

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