Really, I Love Being the Mother of Boys

Hey, how was your weekend? Mine was great. Well, until 3:00 today, that is. Really, we had a lovely time. Cookout at my BFF’s with my godson back from college for two days. Then we went to Ikea and “kidnapped” DSis for a barbecue and movie marathon. DH had two gigs with Booty. I had a paying church gig. And, I got a bunch of sewing in. I decided to do a quick knit jacket with this McCalls 5713.

I used all my industrials, but I’m still waiting on the allen wrench from Reliable to get the needles switched so I didn’t’ really get to work much with the CS machine. But it was lovely. DH suggested that he take the boys to Gloucester to climb on the rocks and let me get some sewing done (there is a reason I married that man).

So the boys went off. I went to the studio and we all agreed to meet at home for dinner. Things were going well and I was finishing up the jacket (to be reviewed tomorrow). Then at 3, DH called.

“Hi. We’re heading home early. DS the younger fell on the rocks and cut his ankle. It looks pretty bad. I think he might need stitches. There was a really nice man from Belarus who had some napkins, a shoelace and medical training who helped patch him up.”

Seriously – that was what he said. Apparently, the very nice man from Belarus (I hope good karma is really looking after him right now) carried DS the younger up some very steep boulders for about 1/2 mile and tended to his wound. Then DH cleaned it out some more when they got to the car and drove home for me to take a look at it. It was pretty deep. It was one of those wounds where it’s right on the border of “does it need stitches or doesn’t it?” But it was located right over the inside ankle bone, and there was quite a deep divot with all sorts of lovely stuff showing itself. I’m not at all squeamish, but poor little DS the Younger was not happy seeing tendons, blood and stuff. So I called the pediatrician, who advised us to take him to the ER, get it stitched up and get a tetanus shot.

We decided to forgo the in-town trauma center to take him to the hospital where he was born, in the next town over. The poor little kid worked himself up into quite a tizzy, but the staff was great, and they took wonderful care of him. It helped that his big brother gave him his iPod with “Akmed the Terrorist” on it (What the he** is that, anyway? Well, it kept him preoccupied while they shot him up with lidocaine). They stitched him up and sent him on his way with minimal trauma.

But needless to say, it put a little teeny tiny crimp on an otherwise perfect weekend. As I said to DS the Youngest, “Honey, you are now officially a member of the I Got Stitches Club” Well, I suppose it beats other alternatives. I hope everyone in the Gulf Coast is doing okay. It sounds like Hannah is gaining strength, and now we got Ike. September, you know? To my friends in Florida and the potentially affected states, stay safe.

So how was your weekend?

Happy sewing!

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