I’m Flying!

I’m flying
Look at me way up high,
Suddenly here am I
I’m flying!

I’m flying
I can soar
I can weave and what’s more
I’m not even trying

That’s what I love about diving. It’s like being Peter Pan. You’re flying horizontally over the corals, and you get to see all sorts of simply beautiful things. Our crappy little camera can’t do any justice to the beauty of the life under the water, but the memories will carry me through the long cold winter months.

We went on vacation with BFF and her family. We travel really well together. We all know how to have fun together and, more importantly, how to get away from eachother when needed. BFF is party girl, even under the water!
And her DH is great fun to travel with too. BFF and I met in dive class. We were the only women in the class. No, that’s not true – there was one other, but she was learning to dive with her husband, so Barb and I became dive buddies, and it’s stuck for 22 years!

We saw lots of fun stuff under water, and it was so relaxing being there. I get very Zen when I dive. I think my heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate drop by between 40 and 50% when I hit the water. We went on one dive that lasted about 55 minutes and when I came back to shore, I felt like I’d just had a nap.

There is such beautiful life to see under the sea. I wish I had better pictures to share. In addition to the gorgeous corals fish and manta rays (so kewl!), we swam past a Danish anchor that had been there since the 1600s.

I think the most fun, and in some ways the most nervewracking, time for me was watching the kids doing their certification dives:
It’s a shame that DS the younger (at the top of this picture; DS the eldest is in the middle and Autumn, the instructor is looking up at them) wasn’t able to complete his certification there, but he’s all set to work with a local dive shop later this week. So hopefully he’ll be all set for the next time we all get a chance to head underwater!

Now it’s back to reality. For anyone who ordered last week, all shipments to the lower 48 have gone out. International orders will ship tomorrow and over the rest of the week. Tons more coming, and look in your email for a sale. Until then,

Happy diving!

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