Waiter, Another Cosmo Please!

Alright! It’s finally done! This was one of those “Murphy’s Law Projects”. Between having to recut the bodice and rip out the old, insert the new, and deal with demanding kids my little darlings for the last several weeks, I didn’t think I would ever be able to finish this dress. But I did!

Since I’ve reviewed the Cosmopolitan Dress a couple of times already, I’ll just tell you what I did differently. This time I used the scoop neck instead of the mock wrap. I raised the neckline one inch at the CF. I also used a binding, cut from self fabric. To make the binding I cut the fabric on the crossgrain for maximum stretch. I used a very narrow zigzag to stitch in the ditch to affix it. You can see an extreme closeup here:

The stitching is not visible unless you’re that close. And honeys, if you get that close to me, Kenneth King personally gave me permission to slap you!

I used the handkerchief sleeves instead of my usual long sleeves. And I used Gigi’s Brilliant Mitering Tutorial to finish the sleeve hems.

Other than that, I eliminated the zipper and just made this a pullover. It all went together beautifully and now I have a great dress for summer!

Happy sewing!

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