The. Best. Seam Guide. Evah!

Pam Erny from SewExciting Fashion Sewing Supply sent me a surprise gift the other day. This fabulous little seam gauge! Now, full disclosure. It was a gift; I didn’t pay for it. But it was a surprise, and she didn’t ask me to review it. I’m doing that on my own after using it on my Cosmopolitan Dress. And you know what? I love it!

The front of the gauge has measurements of 1/32 inch on one side and 1/64 inch on the other. On the back is a table of metric equivalents. And best of all? There’s a pocket clip!! Can I just tell you? My Darling Father would have owned 3 of these. He was an engineer par excellence. Sniff. This would have been right up his alley. It would have resided in his pocket pack. But hey, I are an Engineer’s daughter and a Math Major, so I totally appreciate it!

From a utility standpoint, I love the fact that the pocket clip has a wide bar so I can use it easily to measure hems. I also really love the precision of the measurements. I have my Dad’s old slide rules, including one that is like a long triangle with all sorts of measurements on it. This is actually more precise. And when you are doing anything requiring precise measurements, like couture sewing, this is invaluable. Here are a couple of closeups:

This is available from Sew Exciting for a whopping $2.98. It’s made of steel, and it’s solid so it won’t bend out of shape like all my other seam guides do when I run over them with my rolling chair. I know. I already rolled over it a couple of times. Life is rough in my sewing room.

Would I Recommend It?
Hell yah! This was a lovely gift, but I’m going to buy a couple of more to keep in the studio. I definitely recommend it. It’s precise; it’s strong, and it has a wonderful, slightly retro feel to it!

Happy measuring!

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