MoJo a No Go

Oh dear God, this has been the week from you-know-where! The kids are out of school, but none of the programs start until next week, so you are looking at (reading?) the Entertainment Committee. Good thing I don’t work more than full-time on my own business, right? No, I’m not complaining. I’m glad I can work from home when needed.

Speaking of entertainment with a capital ENTERTAIN: Wall-e. See it. Now.
Seriously, it’s one of the best movies I have ever seen, certainly the best of 2008 so far. I don’t care if you are 5 or 85, it’s a movie for all ages. I loved it, and you won’t hear me say that about many movies. A definite must-see, and you don’t need kids to appreciate it, or even show up. There were a lot of grown ups and teenagers in the matinee audience today.

As far as sewing goes, I ripped the bodice off the Cosmopolitan dress and resewed it. Hey, it’s my very own version of a bodice ripper! Here’s a hint, and I told this to Jeremy at HotPatterns and had him laughing over it. If you convert the bust dart to ease (a very nice thing to do), make sure you rotate part of the dart to the waistline. Otherwise you end up with what looks like two extra boobs under your arms. Not a good look, trust me. And not one I will regale you with photos of, either.

Thank God for full-yard cuts. I had three yards to start with, and I had enough to cover my mistake. So after spending a good part of this morning ripping out all the serger stitches, I went back in and cut a new bodice. I could have done without cutting the back again, but I figured it would look better, so I did. Also, if you are using a stretchy knit, as I am, you can get away changing the CB seam to a foldline (get rid of 5/8 inch at the CB of the pattern piece and place the resulting line on the fold of the fabric). I did that and sewed everything up. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have it finished, but I have to work a fashion show, so it may not get done until Monday. Tonight the DS-es and I are going to spend the evening in our jammies watching movies.

Another fun thing I did this weekend was go see DH play with Booty Vortex. They are a phenomenal funk/disco band. He’s kind of their permanent sub for saxophone. They played at Johnny D’s in Somerville last night, and tonight they are playing at Union Street Restaurant in Newton. I’m skipping tonight’s gig. Next month they are doing a booze cruise in Boston harbor, so I will definitely be at that with my best Pat Benatar look going.

So that’s where I’ve been. Lindsay T asked me to do a post, so watch this space for a high-horse posting on…. well you just gotta wait to read it, kittens! But it will be good, and it will hopefully help you learn from my mistakes. Until then,

Happy sewing!

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