Almost There… Almost There!

I got sidetracked today on the Cosmo dress. Our neighbors, who have teenaged boys, gift us regularly with clothes for our boys. It’s wonderful, because they are always really nice clothes, and usually barely (if at all) worn. But today DH wanted to get said clothes put away and sorted, which means we had to go through all the drawers and pull out the clothes that are too small and get them folded and off to Goodwill. That, of course, is an all-afternoon project. And we are having positively tropical weather up here right now. Not that it makes a difference, but it’s muggy work.

So all the major components of the Cosmo dress are sewn up. I should have it finished tomorrow. In the spirit of muggy, tropical weather, I’m making dinner of grilled pork with pineapple skewers and a really lovely cucumber-mango salad. Low fat and high yum!

On a side note, next weekend is going to be very poignant. Father Lenny, the pastor of my church, and the priest who, as I say got me back to church after a loooong hiatus (the joke in the family was, “Hey Ann, what did you give up for Lent?” “Catholicism – 17 years ago.”), is leaving to take over another parish. We’re doing a whole lot of celebrations, but no one is in a particularly festive mood. But it’s good for him; it’s good for his new parish, and hopefully the next guy will be as welcoming as Lenny. I wonder if the Chasubles and Cope I made for him will go to St. Peter’s or will stay at St. Malachy. I don’t care. I’m happy either way.

Happy sewing!

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