No Progress, but Patterns!

Monday is the witching day. I never get anything fun done on Mondays. It’s all time spent catching up from the weekend. I’m not complaining, but it makes for boring blogging. But you know what did happen today? I got patterns – lots of them! I received my four Jalie patterns. I order them direct from Jalie. The service is great, they always arrive quickly, and (this is the fun part), if you order three, you get the fourth free! So I got their three new tops.
The Empire Crossover Top:

The Gathered Foldover Top:

The Tee Shirts:

And for my freebie, the gored skirt:

Also in the mail, I received two new HotPatterns. First up, the Mini-Midi-Maxi Cardi:

And last but not least, the Croisette Skirt:

The Burda dress is where I left it yesterday. But it will be done tomorrow. There are a couple of things to note about it. There are certain parts where you are sewing through a lot of fabric. I’ll go over that in detail in my review. It’s not a problem. It’s just worth noting.

Here’s a parting shot (I’m filching this idea from Summerset). DS the eldest got his black belt yesterday. It only took 8 years of continuous training, plus a whole lot of work, and an entire weekend of nonstop testing. The dojo has only awarded 5 junior black belts in its 15 years of operations. So here is DS with Ryan, his fellow black belt and test-buddy, the Shihan, Steve, and three of the adult black belts who trained them: Laurie, Jeannine and Maria.

(DS is the little guy.)

After all the events of the weekend, (Happy Anniversary darling!) and the passing of Yves Saint Laurent, I’m pretty wiped. So have a good evening and

Happy sewing!

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