Coda – White’s Knight

White and Green

The other day, I did a post about Tessie’s Puppies. White was the one with a slight eye problem. Well here’s the story. She’s not destined to be a show dog. But she is a sweetheart. Honestly if I didn’t already have Hoover, I would seriously consider taking her. But she was already spoken for. Until the potential owner discovered she had a “defect”.

Don’t get me going.

Let’s just say that things worked out well. A reader saw the puppies and asked if any were available. It turned out that White was. My reader and the breeder talked on the phone, they hit it off, everything worked out, and it now looks like White will be a Loved Pup on Cape Cod!

I feel like Yenta the Matchmaker in “Fiddler on the Roof!”

Very Happy Puppies!

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