What Classes Would You Want to Take?

I have a great space for teaching small classes, and my landlord and insurance company both have okayed it. So now I have to decide what classes I want to teach. The great news is that I can teach whatever I want to teach. Unlike when I teach for other organizations, I don’t necessarily have to have 7-10 students for the class to be a go. So here are some ideas I have already come up with:

Fitting a Bodice
Fitting a Skirt
Fitting Pants
Embellishment Techniques (that will be Sewing Diva Phyllis’ baby)
Sewing with Knits
Tailoring Techniques
It’s All in the Details
Sewing Evening Wear
Copying Designer Details
Quick Gifts to Make
Sewing with Leather
Couture Jacket Seminar
Sit ‘n Sew (Independent Project)

That’s just a partial list. All classes are fashion-sewing oriented. I don’t do home dec or quilting. I’ll probably keep teaching the beginner classes through other outlets. This is for more advanced classes that would draw smaller groups. So what other classes would you want to see offered? Leave a comment and let me know.

Thanks, and happy sewing!

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