They Should Come with Warning Labels

That say, “I turn into a large, slobbery dog”. Remember I told you that Tessie had her puppies? Here they are. They are 6 weeks old, and they are sooooo cute! Right now they don’t have names, only colors (differentiated by their collars). They will get names when they each get their owners.

First up is Green, aka The Green Monster. He will be a 120 lb. lap dog. He’s a creampuff.

Red is the other boy in the crew. Another sweetie.

White is the one that I really love. She’s such a cutie, and so sweet. She has a droopy eyelid, so the vet sutured it. I guess that makes her not show quality. I wouldn’t care. I’d take her home.

Purple. What a cutie patootie! And she is going to be a big girl.

Yellow. Can you say, “trouble”? She’s got that mischief in her eye, and she’s always playing with the others.

And here is the proud mama herself.

Now, I can’t post about someone else’s dog without talking about Hoover. Hoover has decided that one of his favorite things is to play Basketball. And you know what? He’s not half bad! You should see him catch air when he is rebounding.

He’s okay on offense, but he’s really good on defense!

Happy puppies!

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