Rainy Days and Sundays

Ewwww! The weather is simply dreadful here today. It’s pouring to beat the band, and it’s supposed to be like this all day. Of course, just in time for the work week it’s supposed to clear out tomorrow and become beautiful. But I have to move some big stuff, and it would be better if I could get it done today. I need to see if my neighbor with the big honkin’ conversion van can loan it to me for an hour. There’s no way it will fit in DH’s Subaru, and less way it could fit in my Mustang convertible.

I have to sing at a different church this morning (a paid gig, my favorite!), but this afternoon I’m going to finish the HotPatterns Fit to be Tied blouse. I have it all cut out and interfaced. It’s just a matter of getting the time. No – making the time. I will make the time this afternoon, gosh darn it all!

And hold tight, there’s some very fun stuff coming.

Happy sewing!

PS – speaking of Happy Sewing and HotPatterns, did you see Gigi’s super-fantastic Rendition of the Cosmoplitan Dress? I know I’m biased, because she’s a friend, and because she used two of my fabrics, but even if I take that out of the equation, this is one amazing job. Yowzers!

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