Back on My Feet

Gah, I hate being sick! I guess I was in good company with this bug. My next door neighbor said it has been running through the Red Sox’ locker room. Can I just say? Ewww! Sweaty locker room and nasty virus? Bad combination!

But like the title says, I’m back on my feet, as is DS the Eldest. Halleluia! I’ve started working on a pair of summer pants, which I desperately need. I’m making Vogue 1051 by Alice + Olivia:

I’m making a view A (non-cuffed) but with self-fabric welts. I’ll run them up on my New Serger. In answer to LindsayT’s question, I don’t have a video camera to show how fast this puppy is. Sorry! Probably just as well. Knowing my luck, I’d totally screw something up for the camera and all the Internet to see. I’m making the pants from

Oh Captain, My Captain Stretch Cotton (which, BTW, is on sale right now. Okay, shameless self-promotion over, back to our regularly scheduled program)

I think I will do a tutorial on how I do the welts for this vs. the Vogue instructions. I think with my version you get better looking results. Speaking of tutorials, there was a post over on PatternReview asking for opinions about tutorials. I have two sites that are my absolute fave-raves for tutorials. The first, and this is IMO one of the best informational sites on the web, Kathleen Fasanella’s Fashion Incubator. Kathleen is a font of knowledge, and she is generous to a fault with that knowledge. The second is my dear friends over at The Sewing Divas. Check both these sites for loads and loads of information.

I’m spending much of the day at Ikea, prepping for something really big that’s coming up. Stay tuned for more information!

Happy sewing!

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