Now We’re Cookin’ with Rocket Fuel!

I think it was Gigi who said to me, “Once you get an industrial, you will never want to go back to home sewing machines again.” How true! For the past year-plus, I have been jonesing for an industrial serger. Last year I went to my dealer (Reliable Sewing in Stoughton, MA) and looked at a used Brother, but I wasn’t ready to buy at that point. This week, I dragged Sewing Diva Phyllis with me to Reliable, needing to get some needles for my DDL8700. While I was there, I asked what they had for sergers. Now, I’ve had a Juki home serger since 1991. It’s a workhorse and I just love it. It’s a 4 thread model.

Bill, the chief tech there, showed me a couple of Juki MO 2516s, a 5 thread model. One was new, and one was used and refurbished. I tried the used one. Can I tell you? Wow! This puppy is FAST! And it sews a beautiful seam. I think I surprised Phyllis (I know I surprised myself) when after testing it, I decided to take it. Woo hoo! I brought it home yesterday. It’s sitting in the foyer area of the “Great Room”. DH is getting a little worried now that I’m putting machines downstairs.

But boy, can this puppy run. I don’t have the spec sheet in front of me, but it goes in excess of 5000 stitches per minute. So remember how I said I could, with my industrial straight stitch, make wadders in 1/3 the time? Now it’s more like one fifth! It also dims all the lights in the house when I turn it on. I think DH is a little scared of it. That’s alright. He has his power saw downstairs (which also dims the lights). So, what to make? What to make? And how many big honkin’ cones of thread in each color should I keep on hand? Oh boy, this is going to be fun!

Happy sewing, I know I am!

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