It’s a B*tch to be Me, but Someone Has to Do It

Life lessons from the Diva boudoir:

Be Auntie Mame. There’s a great line in the movie where she takes Agnes Gooch, her secretary, by the hand and says, “Oh Agnes, haven’t you been listening to anything I’ve been saying? Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death. Live!” Sage advice.

Never write when you can speak. Never speak when you can nod. Never nod when you can wink.

Try something you have never done before. Learn a new skill. Take a trapeze or SCUBA lesson.

Always wear sunscreen. Thank you Baz Luhrmann.

If you are feeling down or frumpy, then do something about it. Put on your full metal makeup. Wear a killer pair of high heels. Stand up straight. Wrap a silk scarf around your head, put on a pair of Jackie O sunglasses and slick on lipstick. Walk around the mall or downtown like you own it. You do.

I learned this from an article about a blogger in the Wall Street Journal. If someone sends you hate mail, print it out, put it in your driveway and drive your car back and forth over it. Alternately, put on your highest heels and stomp all over it.

Smile when you talk to people on the phone. You’ll be amazed at how much better they respond to you, and how good it makes you feel.

When you need to rant, rant. Some folks say they don’t like to see rants on blogs. Sorry, I don’t agree. If something is eating at you, one of the best ways to get it out without busting an artery is to rant about it. For two years, I really did live through hell. I had to rant about it (and other things) to keep myself sane. Rants show that you’re human, and every Diva has to throw a tantrum once in a while. You can erase it later.

When life hands you lemons, make this drink:
1 oz gin
4 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp super fine sugar
Put all ingredients into a shaker with crushed ice. Shake. Strain into a lowball glass with more ice.

Sew something WITHOUT a plan!

The fastest way to become MVP? Quit. Seriously. Tell people you’re getting out of there. You’ll be amazed how incredibly wanted you become. (Be warned, this may not work in employment situations.)

Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. It’s wonderful to find how many friends you can make just by being nice to strangers and chatting about trivial things.

Manners matter.

Invest in nice cards. Write thank you notes.

Embrace your inner Diva. Diva is not a four letter word. A Diva is a goddess. We all have one inside us. Embrace yours and you’ll find that the world really does open up to you.

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