I’m Joining the Club

Here’s a story that may amuse only me. When I was in college, I worked on some computer animations in the computer graphics lab. The computer system we worked on was a big honkin’ IBM mainframe, and we worked on these state-of-the-art CRT monitors called AED512’s. We thought they were all that and a big bag of chips. And we thought that 3D geometrics flying across the screen with ray traced shading was the coolest thing going. At one point, Glenn, the professor, joked that we were using so much storage that we should start a club called the Terabyte Club.

Well, fast forward to today, when I am expecting my new disk storage device to arrive. It’s called a Time Capsule. And guess what? I am just about to join the Terabyte Club. But it’s not to store any shiny fongers or flying tetrahedrons. Nope, it’s holding family photos, articles I’ve written for various publications, kids’ homework assignment and music libraries. It’s really astounding, when you think about it. In less than one generation, we’ve gone from humongous disk drives that housed a whopping 64MB:

And that cost somewhere in the vicinity of $100,000

To putting a trillion bytes of data on a box this size:

For about $500.

Ain’t technology grand? So I’m joining the Terabyte club. Woo hoo! Wave the flag and show your card if you’re a member!

Speaking of clubs, and this one is probably more interesting. Today is the Super Triple Secret Sale for Club BMV Members only. All McCalls, Butterick and Vogue patterns are on sale for $4.99 each, but only if you are a Club BMV member. I bought my Ralph Rucci patterns through Club BMV, and they arrived really quickly. I think I’m going to order a bunch of other patterns during the sale today. So I’m off to check it out.

Happy sewing!

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