Calling All Boston Area Sewists – Free Fabric!

Well, that didn’t take long. The fabric stash is pared, for now. I’ll probably be putting more out there later, but for now, the fabric is claimed. Thanks all!

Thanks to Assorted Notions, I have decided to to a fabric stash purge. So guess what? That means freebies for anyone who wants them. I have a humongous boxload of fabrics that I want out of my house. You think your stash has gone out of control? Ask Phyllis what my sewing room looks like. It reminds me of the verse from the old Allan Sherman song (sung to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic):

Although the fire was raging
Harry stood by his machine
And when the firemen broke in
They discovered him between
A pile of roasted Dacron
And some french fried gabardine.
His cloth goes marching on!

Yah, that’s me. So my purge is some lucky person’s gain. I’ll put a picture up later, but here’s a sampling of what is in the box:

  • White denim
  • White/black 4 way stretch border print nylon/lycra
  • Black stretch lace
  • Blue guipire lace
  • Gold hammered silk
  • Goldenrod 4-ply silk crepe
  • Earth tones silk boucle
  • Heathered green Modal rayon jersey

And lots, lots more. It’s all good stuff, but the reality is that I’m just not going to sew it up in this lifetime or any other. So you want it? It’s yours for the taking.

There is a catch. You gotta take the whole box. And you have to come pick it up. I am not lugging that beast to the post office or anywhere farther than my back deck. So if you are in the Boston metro area, and you want some fine fabric for free, leave me a comment with your contact info (I moderate all comments, so it won’t show up) and I’ll get in touch with you to arrange pickup. If there are no takers by this evening, I’m going to put it all on CraigsList

Happy sewing!

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