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I finally was able to rouse myself out of bed on Thursday. In fact, I actually felt about 85% on Thursday (after spending Sunday through Wednesday hovering around 10%, when I was conscious). Thank God for DH and DSes. They were wonderful, and left me pretty much alone to get better. I did drag myself out of bed to take Hoover to the vet on Wednesday afternoon. That just took a colossal effort and some super-strength Advil Cold and Sinus to make that trip possible. Poor Hoover, on Sunday developed a huge thing on his nose. It popped up out of nowhere, and it crusted over and fell off, leaving a rather nasty looking thing behind. Ew! Even my flu-addled brain managed to get pretty grossed out. So we took him to the vet, who did a smear on his nose. It turns out it is a type of benign tumor that affects young dogs. It will clear up and go away on its own. It’s already looking much better.

That was Wednesday. Thursday I woke up feeling much better. I still couldn’t taste anything (for that matter, I still can’t). I had missed out on helping Emmett with the Shecky’s Girls Night Out on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I checked with DH, who said “Go”, and called Emmett to tell him I could come help if he needed it. He said, “C’mon down!” So I did. Before I left, my friend Barb, who had been there the night before helping, called me to give me the lowdown.

“Okay, by about 8:00, you’re just going to be grabbing their drinks and holding them so they don’t spill them on the cashmere coats.”

“Got it. What else?”

“That’s about it. They drink like Rock Stars at this thing. It’s sponsored by Midori, so it’s all those nasty sours.”

“Got it. I can deal. Thanks!”

So I went into Boston and parked my car at the garage near the Cyclorama. The event started at 5. I got there about 20 minutes early, wearing one of Emmett’s dresses and a pair of boots that DH bought from him for my Hannukah present. I was stylin’. Pale, but stylin’. When I got there, the line was already out the door, and the vibe was electric. I went upstairs past the attendees and found Emmett. We prepped stuff and got ready to push coats. He had some absolutely gorgeous (and I know from gorgeous) cashmere coats, and as he said, “I don’t want to haul any of them back to New York.” Check.

At 5, the event opened, and the place was flooded with women. It was a lot of fun. We had a great location, and folks were coming over and falling all over Emmett and the clothes. We were really selling like crazy, and in an hour we had sold a dozen coats.

And then.

At 7:22, just when the event was really taking off.

The lights went out.

Seriously. Frickin’ NStar (formerly Boston Edison) was working around the corner and blew the power for a 4 block radius. Sh*t!!! Two women were pulling out their credit cards to buy coats when the power went off. Emmett asked if they could write checks (yes), and I stood over them holding my cell phone with the light on to illuminate them while they wrote!

The city shooed all of the non-vendor attendees out. 5 minutes later, the lights came back on, but they wouldn’t let the event reopen. You want to see some seriously pissed off women? This was the place to look. Boozed up, ready to shop, able to see their quarry through the doors, but a dozen burly Boston cops stand between them and their hearts’ desires. We nearly had a riot on our hands. The Midori folks started pouring really strong drinks for the vendors. I wasn’t drinking (couldn’t taste anything and I’m not into green drinks anyway), but more than a few vendors drowned their sorrows.

We broke down and Emmett tallied up the sales. Despite the shortened hours, we did really well. If we had had the full night, I think it would have been a pretty spectacular sale. While I’m sorry for Emmett’s sake that the night didn’t go until 10, I have to admit that I was just as happy to be home early.

Tonight I am going to try to sing at the Easter Vigil. I am singing the part of Gabriel in Haydn’s “The Heavens are Telling” from “The Creation”. My pipes have felt okay throughout this flu, though I certainly haven’t tried to push it at all. We’ll see how I fare. I’ll take it easy during most of the mass and let other folks do the heavy vocal lifting.

Needless to say, I have done nothing on the Chanel Jacket. That one can wait. Today I worked on an alteration for a friend who’s going to a black tie wedding next week. I’m going to do an easy project tomorrow after all the Easter singing is done:

Jalie’s Criss Cross Top. I think I may make it in this funky print from Gorgeous Fabrics:

Bold Boho Jersey. And I’ll probably trim it with pink rayon jersey. That should give me something to do while the roast is in the oven. We’re not having anyone over for Easter this year, which is fine by me. After last week, I definitely don’t have the time to do a big Easter feast. But I will make challah. That’s always fun, and the kids enjoy helping. Plus, it can rise while we’re at church.

Happy singing, sewing and whatever!

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