The Red Dress I Wear Every Day

I’ve been thinking about this all month, but the Oscars prompted me to write it down. As most of you know, February is Heart Health Month, and the American Heart Association has a program specifically targeted to women called Go Red for Women (which, if you read the URL, could be confused to read Gored for Women, which is kinda weird. But I digress…). Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the US. It takes more lives than all types of cancer combined. And Go Red for Women aims to raise awareness and funds to combat this. In the Boston area, with our concentration of hospitals, it seems that there are lots of benefits where everyone is encouraged to wear a red ribbon or, if you are of the female persuasion, a red dress to show your solidarity with the cause. But forget the scarlet ballgown. We all need to wear a metaphorical red dress every day.

Let me repeat what I said before. Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the US. That is a mighty sobering statistic. And there are steps that each and every one of us can take to reduce our risk. I work out five days a week. That doesn’t mean I go to the gym every time. It might be that I go for a run with the dog (border collies are great for running with you). During the summer I swim and do all sorts of physical activities with my kids, but I try to get about an hour in every day, even if it’s just a nice long walk (I can’t wait until spring when I can actually go on a long walk without having to negotiate piles of snow). I go to the doctor annually and get all my blood tests for cholesterol and all that. As I get older I have to work harder and be more careful about what I eat to keep my clothes fitting right. And you know what? That’s okay. It’s a habit. It’s my red dress, and I wear it every day. How about you? What’s your red dress?

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