Where I’m At with the Chanel Style Dress

I’m taking a break from order processing and shipping to sit down and relax (ha!). So where am I, you might ask, on the Chanel Style dress? It’s coming nicely actually. I have attached the skirt to the outer shell bodice fabric, leaving the inner lining free at the waist. Some notes on the pattern and construction so far

They tell you to ease the pocket lining onto the pocket facing. I didn’t want to do that. Instead, I staystitched the pocket lining and clipped to the stitching, which I think gives a better result, at least with this pair of fabrics. Overall this pattern is going together beautifully, but there was one seriously “Ruh?” (imagine Scooby Doo looking confused and saying that with one ear going up and the other going down) moment. The pocket construction in the instructions made me sit there and scratch my head for a solid 3 minutes before I said, “screw it” and did it my way. Other than that, it’s coming well. I still need to attach the skirt lining and zipper. You can see how the skirt is pulling the bodice down in this picture. I’m going to put a petersham waist stay in to the waist seam to address that.

The only other issue I have from a style standpoint is that the length is wrong in the skirt. I’m going to do one of two things, and I’ll make that decision tomorrow. I’ll either peg the skirt and wear it very “Mad Men” fabulous, or I’ll shorten the skirt about 6 inches so it hits above the knee. The way it is right now screams matronly, and you know I’m not that!

So, I’ll keep you posted as it comes together. It should be finished later this week, then the real fun begins: the Marfy jacket!

Happy sewing!

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