Saturday Miscellany

Thanks to my darlings TLo, I discovered And thanks to SmartBargains (and thanks to a recommendation from Sewing Diva Phyllis), I discovered Arturo Chiang Footwear. Can I tell you? The. Most. Comfortable. Shoes. Evah! Their last is perfect for my foot. I just bought these two bay-yoo-tee-ful shoes for spring. I love the quilted ones. I used to have Chanel pumps just like these in the 90s, but they never felt quite right and I never really loved them. That didn’t stop me from wearing them to death, of course. They were Chanel, and I was a glutton for punishment fashionista extraordinaire. These fit better, and I will wear them to death. And I love the little ballet wedges. They are both so comfortable!

Still working slowly on the Chanel Style dress, and I suspect these slingbacks will work beautifully with it for Easter. Can’t wait!

Happy shoes!

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