It S*cks Getting Old

Steve Martin as the Dentist in Little Shop of Horrors

But it beats the alternative.

Here’s today’s fun adventure. A friend of mine made some homemade power bars and brought them to Body Pump class last Thursday. They were delicious. She’s a nutritionist, and she put in all sorts of good stuff to make them healthy and yummy. We all took one. As I was walking out of the gym, I took a bite and darned if there wasn’t nut shell in there (she had used several types of nuts). After a second, I realized, that wasn’t a nut shell. That was a chunk of my #3 molar. Damn.

So today I got my bad self to my dentist. He’s the best dentist in the Boston area (MHO) and he’s a stitch. He always has me laughing when I’m there. Well, Dr. Harvey, as we call him (that’s his first name), came in, took a look, then gleefully grabbed my chart. Shoving it into my hands, he said, “Here, let’s have a look at your chart. Read there,” he said, pointing to something dated early 2002. “Look at what I wrote!” What he had written 6 years ago was, “Number 3 – watch for crown”

Harvey, cackling, took my chart back and practically sang, “You need a crown!”

Okay, could he possibly not stand there rubbing his hands together in anticipation??? My dental covers 50% of crowns. This is going to hurt, and I don’t mean the root of my tooth. Harvey then said (equally gleefully), “You’re the second crown today. One guy was in and needs one because he ate some butterscotch. What did you do?”

I told him.

“Well, that’ll teach you to stay away from that health food crap!”

“Okay, so how much is this going to cost me?”

He told me. It’s a good thing I was sitting.

“What, Harvey – you need to make a payment on your ski condo?”

“Nah, that’s paid off. I need to pay for the new pontoon boat.”

“You suck.”

“Yup! And you have an appointment for late March, unless someone cancels. See you then. And stay away from the power bars!”

I swear, he did a little jig as he left the room. So now I have to get a crown. I had one done about 10 years ago. They really aren’t that bad, but they do put a dent in the disposable income. Oh well, time to sell more fabric!

Speaking of which… keep a weather eye out. Loads of new things, and some very cool things coming.

Happy sewing!

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