Oooooh! Lookit What I Just Got!

(Top: Kai Professional Sheers. Bottom: Kai Dressmaking Shears)

New shears!

I have been a devotee of Kai Scissors’ products since I first heard about them. I bought the gift set a couple of years ago, and I have been nothing but thrilled with them. I’m wicked hard on shears. I don’t abuse them, and I certainly don’t let my kids near them. But I was going through Ginghers, Fiskars, and just about every other brand at a 6-month clip. Even with JoAnn coupons, the dollars start to add up. Even more aggravating than the cost was the frustration of cutting a fabric and then having to recut parts of it because the scissors would leave nicks where they were dull. Then Jennifer Sauer (a former Threads editor) told me about Kai. I invested in a set and from the minute I got them, I was hooked. That was almost three years ago. They have stood up to the test of Ann quite well. But three years in my sewing room is like a millennium in other places. It was time to get another pair.

This time, I decided to upgrade to the Professional Shears. For not a whole lot more money, they promise to last longer. They are easier for me to handle, even than the Kais I already have. And they cut beautifully! I’ll let you know how they stand up over time, but I can already recommend them. And now I’m off to use them!

Happy sewing!

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