I am SO Loving My New Toy Tool

I’ve been remiss in posting a lot recently. It’s been a crazy busy last two weeks. My sister had a big birthday, so I took her to New York to celebrate. I’ll tell you, if you are looking for a wonderful meal in New York at not-outrageous prices, Union Square Cafe is an excellent choice. Trust me. I’ve been dragged to some of the “best of the best” restaurants (and honestly, when they get on those lists, I immediately distrust them), only to be disappointed. Union Square was good food, good, attentive service (without being too-too), and well-priced. All in all, I would give it four stars. If it helps, there are only two restaurants that I have ever been to that get 5 stars. One is in Paris. The other is a little place that I will never put on the web. Sorry.

While in New York, Marie (DSis) and I decided to hit the cosmetics counters of the good stores that we don’t have in Boston. First we went to Bergdorf Goodman.
Bannnnffff!!! Oh man that was a big mistake! We could not walk more than 5 feet without being physically accosted by highly aggressive salespeople trying to waylay us at their cosmetic stations. I have nothing against salespeople. I am one. But I really don’t like having to play Lawrence Maroney knocking down the defenders as I try to decide whether I even want to stop at a cosmetic counter. Is it just me??? Seriously, I think I will write a polite but stern letter to the store manager at Bergdorfs. Even as I was standing by the elevator, a perfume saleswoman came at me with a spritzer and I thought I would have to put her into a half-nelson!

We had much more fun at Henri Bendel. I found a fabulous new cosmetic line called Solutions by Francesca Guererra. I can’t say what their skincare is like, but their makeup? Fabulous!!!! And the makeup artists who work for them at Bendels, John Henry (my newest love – well, he’s gay so it’s okay with my DH) and Alex (I don’t know if he’s gay, but he can do my makeup any day of the week) are To. Get. Thy. Suburban. Selves. To!!!! Look, I know a lot about what it takes to look good. These guys, and this makeup line, make it easier. NAYY, I’m just thrilled with them.

When I got back, of course, both kids were down with the flu. I had already committed to make a jacket for BeSewStylish.com. The problem was that I planned to make the jacket for my Chanel-style dress, based on a Marfy Pattern I ordered from Vogue. Unfortunately the pattern didn’t show up until too late to use in the webpost. Auuggghhh!!! Drop back, punt, and use a different pattern, Vogue Basic Design 7975. I’m making this pattern up with a herringbone tweed in my stash. It either came from my darling Kashi or from Fabric Fix. I’m photographing the steps to making the jacket with my New DSLR. You can see where I am with the jacket at BeSewStylish. I’ll do a full review after I post the how-tos on BeSewStylish. I have been having SO much fun photographing all the steps with my new camera! It eats up disk space, but I’m figuring out how to minimize that. I can tell you right up front: this is a GREAT pattern. If you are looking for a pattern with good bones and lots of possibilities for designer touches? Grab this pattern!

Next up? Fabulosity! Can’t say more until after it happens, but watch this space, it will be lots of fun!

Chars m’dears!

Happy sewing!

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