I’m Positively Quivering with Excitement!!!!

Oh. My. God…

Kittens – I just got such amazing news today. But you have to wait a week to find out what it is!!!! I have to keep it to myself. It’s going to kill me. In the meantime, here are a couple of tidbits that will keep you going. They are, of course, apropos of very little.

First I love the Patriots as much, if not more than the next person. But I have to admit, I’m sick to death of the whole pre-Superbowl week! Oh for God’s sake, quitcheryappin and just let them all play ball, will you? If I have to read/hear/watch another pundit discussing Das Boot, I’m going to stick a fork in my eye.

Second Follow up to yesterday’s post on bra fitting. If Lise Charmel fits you like it fits me, and you don’t feel like paying upwards of $120 per brassiere, get thee to Century 21 (annoying generic techno music, so you may want to turn the volume off). They have Lise Charmel, Lejaby, and tons of other fabulous manufacturers, in all sizes at the best prices I’ve seen anywhere.

Well, I still am quivery with excitement about next week, but you gotta wait until then! To tide you over, there is a Great Sale at Gorgeous Fabrics! (Super triple secret hint: more coming – real soon).

Well, if I don’t sign off now, I’ll spill the beans. So taa for now, and
Happy Sewing!

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