A Slight Diversion and Shameless Plug

Photo: Mr. Nailhead

I was reading some posts on a sewing forum, and one of the threads is about making ballroom dance dresses. I don’t make them, and I won’t have to, thank goodness. But in talking with my son’s teachers and some of the moms of girls who do competitive dance, I hear the same complaint. Crystals are expensive, and you need a bazillion of them for competitive dance dresses. So here’s a good source (thanks, Phyllis!) for nailheads and crystals at good prices: Mr. Nailhead.

I’ve bought from them, and all the teachers at the dance studio do too, now. They have excellent service, good prices and great selection. So are you looking to bedazzle? Give them a shot. NAYY, of course.

Happy sewing!

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