Wednesday Miscellaney

Where’s my coffee?

Oh yes, I forgot, I finished the pot already. DH was up twice last night, managing to wake me with him both at 2 and at 3:30. Not a good thing, and not for good reasons. Why is it that when he loses sleep over work, I end up suffering? Grrr…..

So where am I today? I made another incarnation of the Simplicity top from the same fabric in a size 12 which fits me infinitely better. There is an almost 2 inch difference in circumference between the 12 and the 14. Here’s a hint. Forget what Simplicity says on the pattern envelope. I was able to make both long-sleeved tops out of two yards of fabric total. Use a single-layer layout and you can make this with one yard.

Today I’m jumping back in the saddle with the Chanel Dress. I have to do my post for BeSewStylish first (a book review of Fashion – A History from the 18th to the 20th Centuries by the curators of the Kyoto Institute Museum). My Marfy jacket pattern finally arrived, so I’ll start evaluating that over the weekend. And speaking of which, I’m off for a buying trip, so if I don’t respond to emails as quickly as usual, that’s why.

That’s it. I’m off to spin class. Ta darlings, and
Happy Sewing!

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