Wow, What a Game!

AP Photo/Winslow Townson

Yowzers! They did it, but boy was that a sloppy first half. I swear, having a bye week in football is not always a good thing. And kudos and loud cheers to Jacksonville for the job they did and for beating the spread. In the first half, I had to retreat to (as DH calls it) the Sewing Cave to work on the Chanel Dress muslin number 2. Oh, never fear, I turn on the radio and listen to Gino Capalleti and Gil Santos on WBCN. IMNSHO, they are two of the best broadcasters in sports. Gino is an ex-Pat. Gil is a veteran sports reporter here in Boston, so they are a great pair to hear. And unlike many of the (Fox) commentators, they have IQs that are above room temperature on the Celsius scale. CBS commentators aren’t that bad. But Gil and Gino are better.

Anyway, Go PATS!!!!!!!

I’m not sure whom I want to see win tomorrow. Well, yes I am, and sorry to my friends in SoCal. I hope Indy wins. And of course. I hope we soundly beat whomever wins tomorrow.

Happy playoffs!

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