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I have to admit it, I spent much of the weekend listening to/watching football. You all know I stayed up to watch the Pats game last night. Today, I hidie-holed myself in my Sewing Cave (as DH calls it) and listened to the Colts-Bolts game as I finished my muslin for the Chanel Dress. Wow, what an upset! And ow! How many players ended up hobbling off that field?

Back to the subject at hand. Here are some observations from the fitting muslin thus far:

  • The skirt is too long on a 5’6″ frame like mine. I need to take it up about 2 inches.
  • I fitted the bodice, then I added the skirt. In fitting the bodice, it seemed too short, so I added 1/2 inch below the bust in the mid ribcage. Nope. Once you put the skirt on the dress, the original proportions are correct, maybe even a little long on me. I’m not exactly short waisted, but I am not long waisted by any stretch. Lesson learned – wait until all pieces are put together before making length adjustments.
  • The pattern is very well drafted. I have found no errors, and it goes together beautifully. I didn’t need the directions.
  • It’s pretty easy to adjust for a full/small bust. There’s a lot of easing between the side front and the center front, but it works well. even in cotton muslin.
  • The proportions of the bodice make it all but impossible to convert this to a shoulder princess seam. I’ve looked for some shoulder princess seam dresses, but I can’t find anything that comes close, so I think I’ll use this and the Marfy pattern as-is, and make everything armhole-princess.

So the fitting shell is pretty much done. Tomorrow I’ll start cutting into the silk for the bodice.
Stay tuned!

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